Mother of Pearl Fang Choker
Mother of Pearl Fang Choker
Mother of Pearl Fang Choker

Mother of Pearl Fang Choker

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This orange velvet choker has a fang carved from Mother of Pearl hanging from it. The iridescence of this stunning pendant has a golden glow that matches the rich orange color of the choker perfectly. One side of the fang has more white and the other has more orangish gold. The fang can be turned to showcase either side. This choker is adjustable up to 12 inches and comes in a satin-like satchel.

Mother of pearl is actually a substance secreted by certain types of mollusks to protect the lining of their shells from bacteria, parasites and a host of other debris. It's a compound of calcium carbonate crystals, silk proteins and other organic materials that are layered like brick work over the inner lining of the shells. The thickness of each successive layer of mother of pearl is equivalent to the wavelength of visible light, so the staggered layering allows different wavelengths of light to penetrate and reflect off of it from different angles. This is what causes that almost supernatural change of colors as a piece is tilted and viewed from different angles.

Mother of Pearl brings is a stress relieving stone; relaxing, soothing and calming to the emotions. A fang is a symbol of ferocity and survival. Together they represent a warrior of sound mind. 

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