Tiny Flower w/ Ruby & Lemon Quartz Bracelet
Tiny Flower w/ Ruby & Lemon Quartz Bracelet
Tiny Flower w/ Ruby & Lemon Quartz Bracelet
Tiny Flower w/ Ruby & Lemon Quartz Bracelet

Tiny Flower w/ Ruby & Lemon Quartz Bracelet

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This bright and beautiful bracelet features a Milkweed flower with a ruby and lemon quartz gemstone. The bracelet band is adjustable to fit 8” or smaller.

Asclepias, also known as Milkweed, is a perennial native to the Americas. The genus name comes from the Greek god of medicine, Asclepius, because of the plants’ medicinal properties. The common name “Milkweed” is a reference to the milky sap which can be seen if the stem or leaf is broken. The “weed” part of their name is misleading as they are actually beneficial wildflowers. Milkweeds produce star-shaped flowers that appear in clusters on tall woody stems. These perennials are known for their sweet-smelling flowers and milky white liquid within its foliage. They are known for being the food of the famous Monarch Butterflies but are also attractive to other butterflies, bees and insects.

Milkweeds symbolize remembrance, dignity and freedom. The Milkweed flower essence nurtures the human will with a sense of clarity and purpose, allowing the warm milk of Mother Earth to feed the ego forces with nutrients of inner strength and the resolve to take hold of oneʼs life in a direct, potent and positive manner.

Lemon Quartz is gemstone that can broaden person's horizons. It has the power to create a new world by enhancing ones hope and determination for change. With its color often being compared to sunshine, Lemon quartz is also considered as a symbol of happiness.

Ruby is famous for being a stone of passion. It is considered a high energy stone used to amplify energy and increase chi or prana. It is also a stone that may inspire a sense of adventure to its owner. Ruby is the birthstone for July.

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