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Bat Skull with crystal Jewelry Set
Bat Skull with crystal Jewelry Set
Bat Skull with crystal Jewelry Set
Bat Skull with crystal Jewelry Set
Bat Skull with crystal Jewelry Set

Bat Skull with crystal Jewelry Set

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This eye catching jewelry set contains a real bat skull with rainbow aura quartz pendant and matching bat jaw earrings. The pendant hangs on a 24 inch silver plated necklace . Comes in the golden gift box shown.

I created a limited edition collection of these. There are 8 and each one is signed and numbered with my signature. So you may not get the exact one in this photo, but one that is almost identical.

Rainbow aura quartz is clear quartz that is bonded with Gold and Titanium. It produces vivid multi-colored metallic crystals. This stone enables you to reach new heights in perception to rise above limits. Rainbow aura quartz is the crystal of Hermes, the god of quick intelligence, communication and wit, and when worn, increases your energy, vitality and mental prowess. It is one of the best crystals to use when faced with a “do or die” situation in life. It helps one to face and overcome major life obstacles such as bankruptcy, life threatening sickness, partner separation, or starvation.

All my jewelry that features something once living is created as that creature's memorial. It is my offering as a shrine to nature in all of its power and grace. Use my work as a reminder to always appreciate nature and to never take even its tiniest gifts for granted. I often incorporate recycled man-made objects with my earthly specimens to show the exquisite beauty that can be experienced when there is harmony between the mechanical and the natural. Please know that I pour my heart into every detail as I honor each sacred being.

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