Blue Witch Necklace
Blue Witch Necklace
Blue Witch Necklace

Blue Witch Necklace

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This enchanting pendant features actual hair from my friend who is a Finnish Witch. She was visiting me from Finland back in May 2019. She left me a lock of her hair as a gift and I promised I would make whimsical art out of it. I’ve created a small collection of these pendants. All the pendants are made with a medical grade glass vial that contains the electric blue witch hair, red flowers, white flowers and tiny silvers beads sealed with a matching blue and silver cap. You might not get the exact one in the photos but one that is almost identical. 

Throughout history the hair of a witch was believed to contain her power. During the Salem witch hunts, women who were believed to be witches were shaved. Witch's hair was also feared for its power to seduce. Today witch hair is a symbol of sexual seduction and power. White baby’s breath flowers (gypsophila paniculata) represent love and purity. Red waxflowers (chamelacium) represent excitement and happiness.

This pendant hangs on a 24 inch nickel-free silver toned chain necklace and comes in the gift box shown. The hand in the photo is life sized so it can visually be used as a size comparison reference.

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