Poppy Bud & Rhodolite Bracelet
Poppy Bud & Rhodolite Bracelet
Poppy Bud & Rhodolite Bracelet
Poppy Bud & Rhodolite Bracelet
Poppy Bud & Rhodolite Bracelet

Poppy Bud & Rhodolite Bracelet

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This whimsical bracelet features a California Golden Poppy bud with a rhodolite gemstone. The bracelet band is stretchy and can wrap around small to large size wrists. Approx.  6”-9”.

The California Poppy flower bud is enclosed in a cap-like, pointed green calyx, made of two fused sepals, unlike most flowers, which are held in the embrace of the calyx from below. As the flower begins to open the calyx cap lifts off and falls away, revealing a furled flower sitting on a circular pink platform-like receptacle. When the flower unfurls the petals become the recognizable golden chalice-like cup.

The Golden Poppy has been the symbol of the dead and of sleep since antiquity. It has traditionally been used as an herbal nervine to calm states of pain, restless anxiety, nervous movement and insomnia. These calming qualities help one to come to a place of rest, receptivity and inner containment. As a flower essence, these same properties also work on the soul. The California Golden Poppy is believed to help one deal with patterns of addiction, restless seeking and experimentation, along with ever-fluctuating desires. One who needs this flower essence is challenged to learn how to hold life experiences even when painful. Gradually the soul learns responsibility, calm containment and self mastery. It is this chalice of gold within the heart that learns to receive and embrace all of life, so that the very light that we seek becomes that light that we radiate.

Rhodolite describes a variety of Pyrope Garnet that has a more purplish color than typical Garnet gemstones.  Its name is derived from two Greek words meaning “rose stone.” It is known as a Stone of Inspiration, bringing the inspiration of love to the heart and mind.

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