Silver Seahorse Bracelet
Silver Seahorse Bracelet
Silver Seahorse Bracelet
Silver Seahorse Bracelet

Silver Seahorse Bracelet

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This wonderful bracelet features a naturally deceased dwarf seahorse brushed with silver with a diamond eye. This bracelet comes in the gift box shown. Size: 6.5”. 

Throughout time, Diamonds have been considered a stone that offered access to Divine energy. This is why royalty or people in high power such as kings, queens, emperors, and pharaohs wore diamonds on their clothing or head pieces. Today, it is believed that diamonds promote incredible power, improve emotional growth, and can provide loving energy. This stone is closely associated with the 7th chakra (crown) as it unites the mind and body into one spiritual being. By doing so, they help us reach deep inside of our conscious mind and awaken all types of spiritual doors.

The seahorse spirit animal is a unique creature that’s always calm and collected as it navigates the seas. There’s a lot to learn from the seahorse symbolism, such as being patient and content with where you are in life. In Roman/ Greek mythology, Seahorses guide drowned sailors through the spiritual vortex until they reach their ordained fate in the afterlife. Spiritual seekers could interpret this as the seahorse monitoring dramatic change so we can navigate those tumultuous waters safely.

I am against taking seahorses from their natural habitat. I only buy from pet breeders (not to be mistaken for poachers) and I exclusively purchase captive bred seahorses that have passed away naturally. And only from breeders that I trust. I pay more for my seahorses to make sure that they were not killed. It's worth every penny. If you see inexpensive jewelry or art with real seahorses think twice. Just because someone says "I didn't kill this" doesn't mean the seahorse was not ripped from its natural habitat and then killed to be sold in masses for profit. Please question your sellers about where they get their raw materials. No trinket or artwork is worth the demise of a species. Please know that whether it is wearable art or sculpture I pour my heart into every detail as I honor these creatures.

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