The books available here have been donated by the independent book company, Ink Pen Mutations Press.

About Ink Pen Mutations Press:  In 2005, founder of IPM, Ave Rose, searched for an outlet that reflected her unique, no holds barred vision for books, discovered that  the publishing world was lacking and thus IPM was born.  Her business model was to partner with the best unconventional West Coast artists and authors to create cutting-edge illustrated storybooks. In 2014, Ink Pen Mutations stopped printing physical books after releasing thirteen succesful titles. “Our focus has always been to put our heart and soul into every book,” Ave Rose reminisces.  “Our line consisted of small run high quality production with a personal touch. The digital takeover of books was definitely an end of a magical era. But that’s ok because it will just make everything we’ve already created, that much more precious.”

Ink Pen Mutations Press: Your underground storybook generator.