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This is an online gift shop to help fund the opening of Marvels in Motion: a Museum of Automata and Related Arts by the Los Angeles Automaton Arts Society. In this store you can make a tax deductible donation or purchase items. All money will go towards our cause. 

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Rat Kings of Swine by Ave Rose

Materials: ethically sourced fetal pig skeletons, rat pup skeletons, gemstones, 24k gold, three movements, naturally molted feathers from a peacock, a silver pheasant, and a partridge hen. Music tune: Carousel Waltz. Dimensions: 7.5”x7”x4”


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Beehive Bouquet by Ave Rose

Materials: black sage, protea flower and leaves, calistamos seed pods, wasp nests, coyote skull with 23k gold gilded fangs, gold gilded naturally deceased bumble bee & honey bees, apophyllite druzy crystal, Herkimer diamonds, opal, swiss blue topaz, gold topaz, pale lemon peridot, citrine, amethyst, emeralds, garnet, pink garnet, rhodelite, pink sapphire, white sapphire, blue sapphire, fire sapphire, and onyx. There is a secret compartment containing secret treasures. Music tune: Clair De Lune. Dimensions: 18”X 15”X 10”


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Dragon Spell by Ave Rose

A magical crystal pendulum hangs above two floating hands wearing white gloves. In one hand there is a glass orb and sacred beads. Inside of the orb is a dragon’s head with emerald eyes, silver fangs, and a regal high collar coated in pyrite crystals. The other gloved hand holds an ancient alchemy book with edges burned from dragon’s breath. Coming out from the pages is a dragon’s talon wielding an african batik bone spear. The dragon was created with preserved iguana parts. Music box tune: Sunrise Sunset. Dimensions: 26"x18"x7"


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Pearl Pod Picker by Ave Rose

Materials: bearded dragon skull & paws, blue morpho butterfly wing, white morpho butterfly wing, sunset moth wing, genuine pearls, green spinel gemstones, golden topaz gemstones, golden aura geodes, lace bark tree seed pods, 23k gold. Dimensions: 29”X19”X9”


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