Dragon’s Paw & Dove’s Heart
Dragon’s Paw & Dove’s Heart
Dragon’s Paw & Dove’s Heart
Dragon’s Paw & Dove’s Heart

Dragon’s Paw & Dove’s Heart

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This mystical bearded dragon’s paw wear’s a ring with a watch Ruby. It has silver nails and is holding a preserved dove’s heart dripping with sparking silver shards. It is protected within a glass dome and hangs on a matching 24 inch nickel-free chain. This necklace is inspired by the magical amulets worn by wizards and witches in folklore. It comes in the gift box shown.

Ethically Sourced: All my jewelry that features something once living is created as that creature's memorial. It is my offering as a shrine to nature in all of its power and grace. Use my work as a reminder to always appreciate nature and to never take even its tiniest gifts for granted. I often incorporate recycled man-made objects with my earthly specimens to show the exquisite beauty that can be experienced when there is harmony between the mechanical and the natural. Please know that I pour my heart into every detail as I honor each sacred being.

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