Spider & Ruby Bracelet
Spider & Ruby Bracelet
Spider & Ruby Bracelet
Spider & Ruby Bracelet
Spider & Ruby Bracelet

Spider & Ruby Bracelet

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This striking bracelet features a magnificent orb weaver spider adorned with gold filigree and a ruby gemstone. It sits on a web-like background of shiny silver filigree with another ruby gemstone above it. This unique bracelet is perfect for the arachnid lover, natural scientist, horror fanatic or oddity collector! The bracelet band is stretchy and can adjust from 7.5”-9”. Comes in the the gift box shown.

As the weaver of the web, the spider symbolizes the spirit of creation. In many cultures, the spider is given credit for its ability to weave intricate webs that are a miracle of organic engineering. If you have the spider as an animal spirit guide, you may have an affinity with acts of creation and the ability to create delicate, intricate things or ideas that are also strong. In Native American symbolism, the Spider is a symbol of protection against torrential storms. It is also personified as the Grandmother, the teacher and protector of esoteric wisdom. The Spider symbol meaning in Egypt, is akin to Neith, a complex deity usually depicted with arrows as she is associated with hunting. Along with hunting, she is also associated with the creation, specifically the process of recreation in the dawning and dusking of each day. Neith is also a weaver, and is often shown with a shuttle in her hand (a tool used for weaving).

Ruby is famous for being a stone of passion. It is considered a high energy stone used to amplify energy and increase chi or prana. It is also a stone that may inspire a sense of adventure to its owner. Ruby is the birthstone for July.

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